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Users’ Committee

The Users’ Committee protects the rights of the residents and represents them in all dealings with the institution. Its primary tasks and responsibilities are to:

  • Inform residents of their rights and obligations
  • Promote improved patient quality of life
  • Defend the rights and interests of residents or, at their request, defend their rights and interests to the institution or other appropriate authorities
  • Assess the degree of resident satisfaction with the Hospital’s services
  • Support and assist, upon request, a patient in any action it undertakes, including lodging a complaint with the Commissioner of .Complaints.

The Patient’s Committee organizes a monthly meeting for residents and their families on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm. These meetings enable participants to express any suggestions or concerns to improve care and services.

The Executive Committee :

Dr. Terry Y.K. Chow, President
Ms. Mylene Rakotomalala, Vice-President
Mr. Robin Tom, Treasurer
Mr. Fook Tim Chan, Secretary
Ms. Marie Vo, member
Ms. Hao Lien Phung, member

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