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Day Centre

The Day Center of the Montreal Chinese Hospital offers services to members of the Chinese and South-East Asian communities.

Its staff help increase the quality of life for those with restricted physical, social or psychosocial autonomy by providing activities, preventive care and treatment.


  • Provide physical and intellectual stimulation through appropriate exercises and group discussions
  • Provide a space for socializing with games, crafts, cooking, and outside excursions
  • Promote social reintegration
  • Provide respite so caregivers can rest


To be admitted to the Montreal Chinese Hospital’s Day Center, you must file an application with a health and social services center (CSSS) in your neighborhood.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Aged 50 years or more
  • Has a Medicare card and will allow the Hospital access to medical and social service information
  • Presents a loss of physical, cognitive and/or social autonomy
  • Unable to participate in community activities in your neighborhood due to sociolinguistic barriers
  • Willing to participate in the development and implementation of an intervention plan with Hospital staff
  • Has sufficient capacity to perform daily activities with minimal support
  • Able to cooperate and function in a group environment

Business hours

The Day Center is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.


The activities are free. Only meals have a small fee.

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