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Practical information

Room Rates

The Montreal Chinese Hospital has 128 rooms, which are comprised of both single and double rooms. Your monthly contribution–calculated by Quebec’s Health Insurance Board according to your financial situation–will be higher for a single room. You can discuss this during your admission process.

Room decor

Your room is your living environment, so you can decorate to your taste with the approval of the Director of Nursing. If you are in a double room, you should seek the advice of your roommate. Please keep in mind security issues in your room design.

Meals and snacks

Two different options are always available on the menu, one of which is Chinese inspired. Snacks are also offered in the afternoon and evening. The services of a nutritionist are available three days per week.

Phone, television and newspapers

You can have your own phone in your room. You must contact Bell Canada to have it set up, as you are responsible for both the installation and payment of your telephone line.

Televisions are available in the common rooms on each floor.

You can request delivery of newspapers or magazines to the Hospital. The staff will be happy to bring them to your room. You are responsible for payment of subscriptions.


The Montreal Chinese Hospital believes in creating a home-like environment which:

  • Meets the needs of residents expressing the desire to be visited by pets
  • Respects the rights of residents and staff who, for various reasons, experience discomfort in the presence of animals
  • Ensures the health and safety of all
  • Ensures the health and safety of the animal

Accordingly, we offer the following guidelines:

  • Visitors who bring small pets in the facility must ensure, in writing, that they are healthy and have no behavioral problems. The evidence of vaccination is required (where appropriate).
  • The licensed categories are animals: dogs, cats, birds (finches, canaries, love birds), fish, hamsters and guinea pigs.
  • Visitors must at all times monitor and control their pet to meet hygiene standards and collective rights.
  • Animals do not have the right to move around within the property, except in designated areas. Animals are prohibited in the cafeteria, dining rooms and kitchen.
  • Pets must be leashed or carried in an appropriate cage at all times.
  • Animal visits must take place in an area approved by the Hospital.
  • When a pet therapy program applies to one or more residents, the same principles should be applied and respected.
  • If a complaint occurs, it will be treated in accordance with the usual procedures.
  • The Hospital reserves the right to intervene where there may be an exception to this rule.

Personal effects

You can bring personal effects to decorate your room. You can also bring your own clothes. The Hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We recommend that you bring personal belongings that hold little value.

Pastoral service

Our pastoral service is open to residents, regardless of their religion or beliefs. If desired, representatives of your religion may visit your room to offer spiritual support.

Hairdressing salon

Services of a salon for men and women are available by appointment.

Foot care

For those with diabetes, they will be pleased to know that we have a specialized foot care nurse to provide this essential service.

Housekeeping, maintenance and cleaning

Our maintenance team cleans rooms and common areas. If necessary, you can install frames, pictures or anything else in your room.

The laundry service is free for residents’ towels, sheets and clothes.


According to the Tobacco Act, smoking is prohibited in the Montreal Chinese Hospital.  Smoking is permitted outside the Hospital if accompanied by a staff member.

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