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Long-Term Care

The core mandate of the Montreal Chinese Hospital is to provide long-term services to the Chinese community in Quebec.


To be admitted to the Hospital, you must obtain a recommendation from a health and social services center (CSSS) or hospital (if currently hospitalized).

Your request will be eligible if your health, environment or family situation, do not enable you to live at home or in a private residence.

Find the CSSS in my neighborhood.

If would like more information on the care and long term services offered by the Montreal Chinese Hospital, please contact Ms. Bonnie Yiu, Social Worker, at 514 871-0961, Ext. 240.

Care Offered

We have a team of nurses, nursing assistants and attendants available at all times (24 hours a day/7 days per week) to meet your specific health care needs and to provide follow-up.

In addition, a doctor visits patients every week and a medical team can be reached by phone at any time (24 hours a day/7 days per week). The physician who performs weekly visits also provides follow up care.

Your needs are unique and our team is here to take care of you!


The Hospital Pharmacist monitors prescriptions and ensures the comfort and safety of residents by ensuring that there is no incompatibility or interaction between the drugs prescribed.

Residents do not have the right to keep medicine in their room as the Hospital adheres to rigorous and regular monitoring standards. Drugs are distributed daily by our nursing team.

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